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5 last minute lockdown Valentine's Day ideas

So, Valentine's Day is around the corner and the nation is pretty much on lockdown but that doesn't mean love has to be! If you are like me and are looking around for some last minute Valentine's ideas, then this blog is for you! I am going to give you 5 quick, inexpensive ways to spice up your Valentine's Day at home.

  1. Breakfast in bed

What better to start Valentine's than a romantic breakfast in bed. Whip up some pancakes, eggs, toast, sausages, or your partner's favourite breakfast, add a rose stem and serve them breakfast in bed. This is such a lovely surprise to wake up to and such a nice way to pamper your significant other. Also, this is inexpensive (minus the grocery shopping) and wouldn't take long to do! You could also get creative and make heart shaped pancakes or eggs <3

2. Bake with Love

Nothing more romantic than getting dirty in the kitchen (okay, that sounded a lot sexier in my head haha) but yes baking is a great activity you can do with your partner. Make some cupcakes, brownies or even a cake. To make it extra spicy why don't you both bake with just your aprons? Hey, it's Valentine's! This is another inexpensive activity, all you need is to pop down to the grocery store (or add this to your online grocery shopping).

3. Romantic dinner

Yes, the most popular option out there but we are going to challenge you to make this extra special. Try making your partner's favourite dish and turn it into a 3 course meal! Prepare a starter, a main and a dessert. Get some nice red roses (or whatever flowers you like), dress the table up, get some candles from Amazon (Prime delivery it) and make sure you dress up! Yes down to heels or shoes! Because it is at home doesn't mean it cannot still be bougie and extra special!

4. Love games

There are so many love games out there, from getting to know each other more to the kinkier card games. Whatever floats your boat, get on Amazon and order some love games. This could be something you play after dinner before you sit down to "Netflix and chill". Also inexpensive and so much fun! To spice it up, why don't you get games where you dress up!

5. Netflix and chill

I want your living room to be this dark. Turn the lights out, snuggle up and finish a series you started or watch a movie you both love to watch over and over. You don't have to watch a love flick, that would be so cliche but end the night with winding down and chilling.

So my lovelies there you have it! 5 unoriginal last minute inexpensive lockdown Valentine's Day ideas. You could choose to do all (if you're up for it) or mix and match some, either way, try to make this Valentine's Day special at home.

Comment below your plans! I'd love to hear from you!


Wura Manola

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