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Planning a Micro Wedding? All the tips, resources you need right here!

If you are considering having a micro wedding then you have come to the right place. We have just launched our Micro Wedding Planning Guide. This guide will guide (excuse the pun) you through planning a micro wedding. You will be given information on how to choose the right venue, put together the right budget and much more! Best part is that it is available to download now for just £5.99!

This guide has 28 pages, split into 6 chapters covering your micro wedding venue, budget, guestlist, vendors, planner, streaming your micro wedding etc and there are bonuses at the end of every chapter. How great is that! You get a venue checklist, a sample micro wedding budget, important questions to ask your vendors, tips on cutting down your wedding guest list and much more!

What is even more amazing is that you get a real micro wedding feature plus full vendor list! Yes, @periesaorome was kind enough to write her experience on having a micro wedding. If you weren't sold on having a micro wedding, after reading this feature you would definitely be sold.

Get your copy now here

We cannot wait for you to get your hands on this guide! We would love your feedback, so please leave us a feedback!

All my love!

Wura Manola

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