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How to Resume Wedding Planning Post Lockdown: 10 things you should be doing

Weddings in the UK have resumed and we are all ecstatic! I have had multiple calls with our couples to un-halt wedding plans, lots of calls and emails with venues and suppliers letting them know wedding plans are back on track and I thought it would be great to put together 10 things you should be doing to resume wedding planning post lockdown.

1. Meet with your wedding planner

If you have a wedding planner the first step would be to schedule in a call with your wedding planner to go through your wedding plans. This will be the time to revisit your wedding budget, guest list, and more exciting the plans that were either crossed off or put on hold as a result of the uncertainty. If you are thinking of postponing, this would also be a good time to see to speak to your planner about this. We are still in a pandemic so your planner would be planning with caution and in line with government guidelines. If you do not have a planner this will be the time to get one, contact us for a consultation now and we will be able to guide you with your wedding plans post lockdown. If you are unsure whether you need a planner then check our latest post on 5 reasons why you need a wedding planner.

2. Update your wedding budget

This is something your planner should be doing, but if you do not have a planner you want to make sure you update your wedding budget so you have an accurate view of your wedding costs. If you are planning to have larger numbers make sure this is reflected in your budget especially for catering, decor, furniture and so on. Also, if you have decided to add things back to your budget like a second or third outfit change for example make sure this is reflected in your budget. Lastly, make sure any changes to your vendors are updated, for example you might have booked makeup for morning only and now decided you want your makeup artist for half day, or booked your DJ for a few hours but now your wedding is until midnight. Make sure you factor in all the changes into your budget.

3. Update your wedding checklist

Your wedding checklist keeps you on track with wedding plans and as so much time has passed in lockdown you want to make sure this is updated. Tasks that were set for January - March may have been pushed forward and you want to make sure you have this updated so you have an accurate view of your wedding plans. If you have a planner this is something he/she would do for you. If you do not have a planner I have a checklist coming out soon, click here to subscribe to be one of the first to know when this comes out.

4. Book your civil wedding/registry

Now that the registry offices have re-opened make sure you reach out to your local registry office and enquire about dates for your civil wedding. There has been a backlog since all the lockdowns so it is important to make sure you get in there as quickly as possible in order to to secure a date if you have not already done so.

5. Reach out to your wedding vendors

Next, you want to reach out to your wedding vendors (including your venue) letting them know that your wedding is still going ahead or if perhaps you are thinking of postponing this would be a good time to check availability. This would also be a good time to look through your payment plans and make sure you know when payment is due for each vendor. When you reach out to your vendors make sure if you need them for longer hours or need an extended package you discuss this with them as availability is becoming tighter and tighter with vendors. This would also be a good time to book the vendors that you haven't booked booking due to uncertainty as availability for vendors is reducing drastically as weddings have opened back up.

6. Update your website

This is the time to update your wedding website with any wedding updates you have, this might be as small as a note on the website that says "Our wedding is still going ahead on 17th May, 2021". Make sure all the information needed on location, timing and any other info is on the website so your guests can plan accordingly. I also recommend having an FAQ section with questions you know you are going to get or common questions that have been asked in the past. I also recommend putting safety guidelines on your website so guests are aware and put at ease. If you do not have a wedding website I'd recommend getting one, it really helps when all the information pertaining to your wedding can be found in one place. There is only so much you can put in your wedding invitation.

7. Update your wedding guests

Your guests have probably started reaching out asking about your wedding. This is the time to update your guests about your wedding plans and what's even better is to point them to your wedding website which will will have all the information they need. This is also the time to see who cannot make your wedding so you can adjust your guest list accordingly and also to perhaps find out who is bringing kids (if it is a kid-friendly wedding) so you can make plans. Also, this will be the time to see if any of your guests have any special or dietary requirements.

8. Put together a wedding gift list

If you haven't already start putting together a wedding gift list. Put this on your website when this is done so guests can start buying gifts. There are numerous companies you can use for wedding gift list. If you prefer cash, there are ways of asking for cash alternatives rather than giving your bank details. You could use a company to gather the funds in a fun way by labelling where funds will go to, e.g honeymoon, dining set, etc.

9. Book your wedding dress shopping appointments

Now that the shops are back open, you can go wedding dress shopping! Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting moments of wedding planning. Most brides say when they put on the dress, that's when it hits them that they are getting married, hence the tears. If you are yet to find your wedding dress, you might want to start booking appointments quickly as the bridal boutiques would only be allowing a certain number of brides at a time, which might gather a waiting list.

10. Get back to wedding activities

Now that shops are open and al fresco dining is allowed this is the time to get back into the wedding mood. Go dress shopping, bridesmaids dress shopping, cake tasting, food tasting, visit your venue, do all the things you have not been able to do because of the lockdown, obviously while keeping safe. Plan an outdoor dining experience with your bridesmaids to not only update them about wedding plans but to do something fun with them. Now might also be a good time to revisit your honeymoon, where you would like to go to and when, this will also bring some excitement back into wedding planning.

There you have it 10 things you should be doing to get back on track with wedding plans. With all this being said, make sure you are still planning with caution and stay on top of the news. Although we are opening up and the vaccine is being rolled out to millions, we are still in a pandemic and as we have seen in the past, lockdown does not usually come with months notice. So, ensure your contracts protect you just in case and get a planner who can help you plan in such an unpredictable time.

If you are in need of a wedding planner or and coordinator, please reach out to us. We would love to have a chat and assist you with your wedding plans.

Stay luxe,

Wura Manola

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